About us

„Mada” company has been present on the polish market for more than 20 years.

The company has been gradually developed by extending the range with newer and newer products tailored

to customers’ requirements. Currently, our business is basically based on importing and wholesale distribution of impulse sweets from all over the world. In 2009, we introduced to the market our own brand called "X-Treme  ”, which is currently the leading brand name in the confectionery segment of impulse sweets in Europe.

As a result of persistent work and gained experience we have succeeded in conquering the European markets, i.e.: Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Sweden and Spain. The company constantly strives to open up new markets, also from other continents such as Africa or North America.

The basic principle that we follow in running our “sweet” business says: “highquality products at reasonable prices while keeping timeliness of deliveries and reliable customer service.”The satisfaction of our customers motivates us to even greater everyday efforts and challenges in developing new and better products that could meet the most sophisticated expectations. This is shown by are our latest ideas of products included in herewith catalogue.

We are convinced that „Mada" company and "X-Treme  " brand will become a symbol of combining good business

with customer satisfaction, and for children will become synonymous with nice sweets and good fun!

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e-mail: kontakt@madasweet.pl
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tel: +48 413 114 067
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Adam Pawłowski
ul. Polna 7
26-026 Morawica, Polska
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